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      STAYVE BOOSTER Starter Kit II (12×8ml)
      • STAYVE BOOSTER Starter Kit II (12×8ml)
      • STAYVE BOOSTER Starter Kit II (12×8ml)
      • STAYVE BOOSTER Starter Kit II (12×8ml)
      • STAYVE BOOSTER Starter Kit II (12×8ml)
      • STAYVE BOOSTER Starter Kit II (12×8ml)
      • STAYVE BOOSTER Starter Kit II (12×8ml)
      • STAYVE BOOSTER Starter Kit II (12×8ml)
      • STAYVE BOOSTER Starter Kit II (12×8ml)

      STAYVE Microbiome Ampoule (10×8ml)


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      Stayve Microbiome Ampoule - fermentation cosmetic microbiome ampoule for your skin condition.

      The secret to healthy skin starts with managing skin-friendly bacteria.

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      Stayve Microbiome Ampoule contains bifida ferment Lysate which prevents skin dryness and helps maintaining the skin's balance. It also contains Arginine and 3 fermented extracts which help prevent skin dryness and keep the skin hydrated.

      Make your skin radiant and healthy by oil and water balancing. An ampoule which gives moisture and nourishes your skin.

      Bifida ferment Lysate - made by fermenting bifidobacterium, a beneficial bacterium present in the intestines in our body, through dissolution, the removal of microorganisms, and filtration. Bifida ferment lysate is rich in protein and lactose, protects the skin from external irritation, and prevents dry skin, maintaining the skin balance. It is other function is to soften dead skin cells so so that make your skin texture soft as well.

      Arginine - amino acid is an ingredient that forms protein, and there are various types, among which arginine is the one that is synthesized in the body. It is an ingredient with strong hydrophilicity and has features that hold moisture like hyaluronic acids, which plays a big role in maintaining moisture. It is also one of the ingredients used widely in cosmetics as it is well known to have less irritation on the skin.

      Viscum album Ferment extract - this is an ingredient extracted from viscum album through fermentation by saccharomyces, which maintains the skin's moisturizing power and protects it while helping with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

      Soybean Ferment extract - in the process of fermenting soybean with lactobacillus, various amino acids and vitamins are generated. They increase antioxidant and moisturizing power, decomposing through the fermentation process, which improves the skin penetration effect. They are generally involved in skin moisturization and conditioning skin health and care.

      Imperata Cylindrica root Ferment extract - this is an extract obtained by fermenting the root of perennial imperata cylindrica, which a poaceae that has similar looks to sugarcane, by saccharomyces yeast. It moisturizes the skin and improves immunity, thereby help improving elasticity.

      Gold - it has been known for as an excellent beauty ingredient purifying the skin and improving skin tone since ancient times. There is a record that Cleopatra, who knew this, used gold directly on her skin to beautify it.

      How to use? 

      - Cleanse the face thoroughly by using stayve cleansing milk. Lightly apply rose toner on the face with a cotton pad.

      - Using a brush, apply a thick layer of exfoliating gel. The MTS treatment is more effective after exfoliating. It is not recommended to use any other exfoliatong gel besides the one include in MTS treatment (Dry skin 2min.; normal skin 3min.; oily skin 5min.)

      The exfoliating gel's acidity may cause slight tingling on sensitive skin.

      - Wash face or wipe with a damp towel or sponge.

      - Apply the neutralizing foam with a brush. This foam lowers acidity caused by exfoliating gel. Use hands to gently massage the face for 3 minutes. Wash face or wipe with a damp towel or sponge.

      - Begin the MTS treatment (2-3 minutes) after applying the booster ampoule. The booster ampoule comes in various types to meet skin's needs: acne, salmon, peptide gold, whitening, aqua, citron & calendula, hyaluronic acid, microbiome, idebenone and collagen. Regular BB ampoule can be applied instead of the booster, but the booster ampoule is more effective when used before BB Glow treatment.

      - Begin MTS treatment (2-3 minutes) after applying the BB GLOW ampoule.

      - Apply a mask pack or modeling pack to reduce irritation. You can also use the omega light machine for 10-15 minutes. This step can be skipped if you don't have the machine.

      - After remove mask pack, spray the rose toner and pat the face softly to absorb the remaining BB ampoule into the skin. After finish this step, apply the stayve repair cream.

      - For aftercare, use stayve repair cream every day after cleansing. We also recommend applying booster ampoules at home to provide nutrients and maximize effectiveness.


      -2 years before opening (indicated on a box).

      -After opening use within 2 weeks;

      -After opening keep secure lid and store in cool place.

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      STAYVE Microbiome Ampoule (10×8ml)

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