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    Silcare IDEAL UV-LED/LED Builder Gel For Nail (15g)
    • Silcare IDEAL UV-LED/LED Builder Gel For Nail (15g)

    Silcare IDEAL UV-LED/LED Builder Gel For Nail (15g)


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    IDEAL UV-LED/LED GELS – created for professionals, they impress with quality. They are an IDEAL combination of our knowledge and your needs!

    Last time this product was bought: 05/21/2024

    The gel base is based in 100% on oligomers thanks to this the product is extremely thick, incredibly easy to form and retains its shape, all of this makes it perfect for professional stylists and beginners. 

    The gel is amazingly hard – it reduces the mechanical stresses, which makes the product resistant to damage and abrasion, in consequence, the gel makes manicure to last for a long time and look brilliant until the next stylization. 

    Moreover, it’s characterized by high viscosity and outstanding adhesion. It doesn’t have self leveling properties.

    Thanks to the unique Control Curing technology, the polymerization reaction was spread over time which allowed reduction of heat emission. 

    Due to this, the burning sensation under lamp is reduced to minimum with room temperature at 20-25˚C. 


    -heat emission spread over time – Control Curing Technology

    -extremely thick

    -has high hardness

    -has outstanding adhesion

    -doesn’t become yellow – due to used UV factors

    -resistant to mechanical damage


    Way of use: Spread gel over nail plate and cure under 36W UV-LED or LED lamp for 60 s. In case of nail extension, apply thin layer of base coat, cure under lamp, next apply building layer and cure under lamp again.

    WARNING: Tested at 23⁰C. The preparation can irritate eyes and skin. In case of contact with eyes or skin – rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical attention. Keep out of reach of children. The product is suitable for professional use only.

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    Silcare IDEAL UV-LED/LED Builder Gel For Nail (15g)

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