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      Biodegradable Clip Cord Sleeves 100pcs


      Kiti Gamintojai
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      Box of biodegradable clipcord sleeves.

      Size: 60mm x 800mm

      100 pcs/box

      Handy dispenser box

      Last time this product was added to a cart: 10/30/2021

      The material, PLA (polylactic acid), is composed of corn, cassava starch material etc. and has good biodegradable properties. 

      After use, it can be completely degraded by micro-organisms in nature under specific conditions, and eventually generate carbon dioxide and water without polluting the environment.

      Recommended to use within 8 months of opening. Note: please store in dry, normal temperature environment, humidity and sun will accelerate the degradation time.

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      Biodegradable Clip Cord Sleeves 100pcs

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