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      refectocil sensitive tint remover
      • refectocil sensitive tint remover

      RefectoCil Tint Remover For Sensitive Eye Area


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      RefectoCil Tint Remover is a Color Stain Remover was developed to quickly and gently remove excess tint spots from the skin, when tinting eyelashes and eyebrows.

      Last time this product was added to a cart: 11/05/2021

      This product should be used immediately after tinting, dampen a 100% cotton square or Q-tip with Tint Remover and gently rub the tint off the skin or clothes.

      CAUTION: Do NOT apply to the eyelashes or to the skin close to the eyes!

      Trouble Shooting: If you make the eyebrows to dark you can use the Stain Remover to Lighten the brows by applying it for 2-3 minutes or until desired shade is achieved -- THIS MUST BE DONE IMMEDIATELY - Apply Stain Remover with a Q-tip and let sit on brows for 2-3 minutes. Repeat if necessary.

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      RefectoCil Tint Remover For Sensitive Eye Area

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