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      Pre-Inked string for brow mapping
      • Pre-Inked string for brow mapping
      • Pre-Inked string for brow mapping
      • Pre-Inked string for brow mapping
      • Pre-Inked string for brow mapping
      • Pre-Inked string for brow mapping

      Skin Monarch Pre-Inked string for brow mapping 1pcs. (White/Brown/Black)


      Skin Monarch
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      Skin Monarch Pre-Inked string for brow mapping


      Last time this product was bought: 06/13/2024

      Skin Monarch brand is registered since 2011. Company many years searched for the best products for our customers and have collaborated with world’s top brands and masters in this field. We use only the best and time proven materials for our products. Our products are designed and perfected, based on the latest trends and product manufacturing technologies.

      This trademark produces highest quality permanent make up supplies, as well as tattoo supplies. 


      One of the hardest parts in permanent make up or for other procedures which needs sketch drawing, especially for beginners, is to pre draw perfect sketch. Nowadays there are a lot of different types of tools which helps for master to draw sketch. Forget about drawing sketch for hours, because Skin Monarch brand created perfect eyebrow mapping string for permanent make up masters, it can be used even for tattoo‘s. This ultra thin mapping string will help to create perfect shaped eyebrows sketch. It is very comfortable to use, even in the smallest parts of sketch. With mapping string you will be able to precisely define the right angles and draw straight lines without big effort.


      Why Skin Monarch pre-inked string for eyebrow mapping?


      • It is disposable – procedure will be more hygienic and safe;
      • Ultra thin and highly pigmented string will help to draw precise sketch;
      • Perfect suits for sensitive skin;
      • Easy to clean ink from skin;
      • Easy to define the right angles and draw straight lines;
      • Can be used with other mapping tools.




      • Each box contains 10m length of mapping string;
      • Brow mapping string is pre inked for easy use. You can choose from 3 colors: white, brown or black;
      • You will find cutter in each box which means that your hands will stay clean.




      How to use:
      Skin Monarch mapping string is ultra thin and highly pigmented. Also, it can be used with other cosmetic grade ink for safe and efficient eyebrows mapping. Perfect for creating thin and clean lines. You don‘t need to open the box, because there is cutter – just thread out and cut string in necessary length through the cutter on the box. Cutter ensures that your hand will not get dirty from the ink. Also, it is amazing that you can use not only thread during sketch drawing, but it is compatible with other eyebrow mapping tools. You can use this product for microblading, tattoo, permanent make up, eyebrow tinting and other procedures where you need to map and draw sketch. Forget all struggles which you had before during sketch drawing with this amazing Skin Monarch mapping string.




      • Keep in a cool dry place, because opening the box might cause the string to dry out.



      We offer many others products for your procedures. Visit our shop to choose best product. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact our customer support and we will help to find out.

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      Skin Monarch Pre-Inked string for brow mapping 1pcs. (White/Brown/Black)

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