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      Rejuvi REDAWAY Serum
      • Rejuvi REDAWAY Serum

      Rejuvi REDAWAY Serum (14.5g)


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      Rejuvi Laboratory's REDAWAY helps to suppress the redness that appears after tattoo removal, as well as other skin irritations. It combines vitamin C & P, arnica extract and licorice extract in a deeply penetrative serum. 

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      There is undesirable redness after Rejuvi Tattoo Removal treatment. The redness results from disturbed or damaged blood capillaries with congestion and dilation (due to puncturing & extraction process). The redness lasts from one month up to six months depending upon disturbance degree of capillaries and aftercare. 

      Rejuvi 'H' Super Soothing has great anti- inflammatory (skin healing), skin moisturizing, nourishing and anti-redness function (licorice extract). However, it is very thick so that skin penetration of anti- redness ingredients is not sufficient for fast suppression.

      Rejuvi REDAWAY combines Vitamin C, Vitamin P (flavonoids) and licorice extract all in one serum to address ruddiness and sensitivities.  This full-bodied serum adds a layer of protection and hydration. It is safe to apply all over the face, neck, and décolleté.

      -Vitamin C has been found to help mend damaged capillaries that cause skin redness.  

      -Vitamin P (flavanoids) can help strengthen capillaries and alleviate congestion and  diminish redness. In addition, flavanoids can stabilize and enhance vitamin C performance as well.  Hence Vitamin C and Vitamin P has great synergystic effect. 

      -Licorice extract has anti-inflammatory functions to reduce irritation, redness and dry skin. It can help reduce eczema and erythema. 


      Aloe vera gel, magnesium ascorbyl phosphate, flavonoid extract, azone, arnica extract, polysorbate 20, licorice extract, potassium sorbate


      Apply Rejuvi REDAWAY onto redness area and wait for 30-60 seconds (for good absorption). Then apply Rejuvi 'H' Super Soothing Cream on top. Twice a day!

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      Rejuvi REDAWAY Serum (14.5g)

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